Wanda Miglus

Class of 1982

CEO and Creative Director of ILOROM

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Wanda Miglus is an entrepreneurial thinker with creative vision.  She has a unique background in industrial design, textile design, and community activism with over 20 years’ experience developing consumer and socially-relevant products and solutions.  Miglus is currently CEO and Creative Director of ILOROM, focusing the second stage of her design career on the design and development of the phenomenal woven material, ZEZ® fabric.  Prior to establishing Miglus Design Inc. in 2005 (now ILOROM) Miglus worked for Joan Fabrics and Milliken & Company designing automotive interior fabrics.  In her capacity as an industrial designer across a range of disciplines, including consumer products, retail interiors, graphic and packaging design, Miglus worked for both manufacturers and design consultancies including Dansk International Designs and Niels Diffrient.  Miglus also held a decade-long position with The Rhode Island Foundation supporting the arts and other non-profit sectors through grantmaking and program management.  Miglus continues her involvement with arts organizations in an advisory capacity and is regularly invited to mentor creative start-ups around developing channel partners and product licensing.

Wanda Miglus holds a Master of Fine Arts in Textile Design from Rhode Island School of Design and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology.  She currently resides in Rhode Island.

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ZEZ Fabric

“ZEZ fabric started out as a fortuitously flawed project that woke the entrepreneur in me and reshaped my career. After the fabric’s first weaving trial I knew there was a problem, so on the second try when the ‘missing pattern’ was revealed as the fabric crested over the front beam of the loom, I was stunned and delighted to have accidentally discovered a new weaving structure. I love putting a bit of woven magic out into the world. People actually get excited when they see the patterns change and then they become curious. My challenge is to push the fabric’s visual and applied potential.”



ZEZ® fabric is a woven jacquard textile, created through a proprietary technology invented by designer entrepreneur Wanda Miglus. The unique textile unites the familiarity and suppleness of decorative material with the cutting edge attributes of a moving image.  ZEZ fabric integrates designs that visually interchange depending on viewing angle. This optically-interactive textile is produced exclusively in the United States and is currently commercially available through Steelcase as a vertical surface option in their office panel systems.  ILOROM, a Rhode Island based design studio, is actively developing ZEZ fabric in a variety of high grade material categories for transportation and residential interiors, as well as consumer products.