Tom Chavara

Class of 2014

Industrial Design Contractor, Staples



Tom Chavara was born and raised in Sharon, PA, a small steel town north of Pittsburgh. Growing up in the heart of the Rust Belt helped shape his perspective around the products he uses and the people who make them. He strives to create products that people value over time and that provide a meaningful experience. After graduating from RIT in 2014 he started his career at Bally Design working with brands like OXO, MSA and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Tom worked on a variety of projects, from cooking utensils to large scale machinery.



OXO Collapsible Colanders

A notable project includes a family of collapsible colanders developed with OXO. During initial exploration handmade prototypes were used to quickly test and validate concepts. Further refined prototypes aided in translanding the concepts into CAD for production. 

The design utilizes the unique properties of silicone to create a colander that easily “pops” open or closed. This saves users valuable space in, makes it possible to place in a dishwasher and provides a moment of delight.