Efecan Kababulut

Class of 2009

CEO at Lazzoni USA, Inc, Nuev.com

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Efe Kababulut's interest in design started at a young age. He was born and raised into a family of furniture manufacturers, spending most of his youth and young adult life in his family's showrooms and factory in Ankara, Turkey.To further his interests and knowledge in design, Efe received an Industrial Design degree from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2009.

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Lazzoni USA, Inc

In the spring of  2010, Lazzoni USA Inc, a flagship store, was launched in the heart of Chelsea, NYC. Two years later, after great success and recognition in the industry, Lazzoni USA Inc, has opened their second US store in Paramus, NJ with plans to expand throughout the continental US and worldwide within the next few years.

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In addition to Lazzoni, Efe has created nuev.com, an affordable online furniture retailer that targets young professionals and college students.Shortly after it launched, nuev.com has become one of Turkey's best online retailers and most visited websites. Taking a hands on approach to design, Efe has designed and manufactured most of Lazzoni's and Nuev's products. His conceptual approach has always been form follows function. Making this principal the center of his designs. Currently, Efe has spent five months abroad, developing and expanding his brand.  He currently resides in New York City.