Tanvi Asher

Class of 2010

Owner & Designer of Peppermint

Tanvi Headshot.jpg


Tanvi Asher is the Rochester-based designer behind Peppermint, an emerging contemporary women’s
boutique line. The Peppermint brand provides the perfect blend of quality, great tailoring, feminine detailing, and inspired flourishes. Noticing a void, Tanvi decided to fill her newest collection with affordable sweet and feminine knits that fit into any girl’s closet with ease. The line’s name was inspired
by her great grandmother who was fond of knitting on her porch while smelling of Peppermint oil – just one of the varying mediums Tanvi used for inspiration along with kittens and strawberry lemonade.
All Peppermint garments are designed and manufactured exclusively in the United States.

Born in India and raised in Oman, Tanvi earned her MFA in Industrial Design at RIT. She spent a few years working in the trenches as a packaging designer for various NYC & Upstate companies. She began making clothing as part of her MFA thesis & as a way to relieve stress after work, but before long, she had a full-fledged cult following, and after a year her hobby was her new career. On the fly, Tanvi taught herself everything about the business of clothing manufacturing. The endearing Peppermint line debuted in Fall 2011 with buyers in Dubai, Canada and the United States.


The Store

In 2012, she moved operations from her basement studio to a retail location and studio on Park Ave (Rochester, NY) where now, on any given day, she is seen designing, making, photographing, shipping, and promoting the line. Peppermint’s production is done in Manhattan in the garment district.

With the success of her contemporary line Peppermint, Tanvi is eager to experiment with new designs and fabrics that would have a fresh approach to bridal wear.


Honors & Awards

Peppermint has been featured twice in Seventeen magazine and more than a dozen times in local magazines and newspapers.