Stephanie Howard

Class of 1994

Founder & Creative Director, HOW AND WHY



With over 20 years of experience including a Creative Director role at Nike Inc, Lead Designer at New Balance, and Innovation Director at Seventh Generation, Stephanie has been fortunate to have 

a strong foundation building a career inside mission-driven corporations. Her consulting studio, HOW AND WHY, was founded in 2010, with a drive to lead innovation initiatives that merge design and social responsibility, choosing clients that are looking to build a vision and relationship long term. 

Stephanie’s recent work includes design and innovation strategy for brands such as Tracksmith, New Balance, Titleist, and VF Corp Global Innovation Center (which owns Timberland, Vans, The North Face). Much of this work involves creating new methods of manufacturing, sustainable materials and processes, and enhancing performance for athletes and consumers. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Ben Beck (Industrial Designer and Co-founder of ELEVEN) and their daughter, Ellen. They enjoy running, hiking, the rock climbing gym, learning to golf, and most favorite of all, snowboarding. 


Process Innovation

Innovation teams will often ideate, prototype, and validate new methods of make before handing the concepts off to a team that works ‘inline’ on seasonal product launches. Consumer insight driven concepts take time to develop and refine. These images show my exploration of a contoured fit system design, which was prototyped to test the concept, the types  of finishes, and level of detail that would be achievable in production.


Creative Direction

In 2016, the retail landscape for golf bags was a “sea of sameness.” Titleist needed to establish a premier position with their Gear Line. My work began with Creative Direction for the new line, harnessing the authenticity of the brand on the PGA Tour, with progressive material development.The final direction included distinct brand differentiation, and signature graphic cues highlighting proprietary materials that we incorporated into the design. (Bag design credit to Ian Burgess, Titleist)