Seth Eshelman

Class of 2006

Principal Designer & Owner, Staach

Seth BW High Res.jpg


This young entrepreneur and designer was exposed to architecture, design and carpentry at a very young age and has been strongly influenced by his schooling in the United States and Scandinavia. As the owner and principal designer of Staach, a collaborative design & manufacturing group adhering strongly to a sustainable design manifesto, he has developed an experimental design style and manufacturing concept that exceeds the limitations of contemporary philosophies, and garnered international recognition.

This approach has lead the company to the top of their industry, allowing them the opportunity to influence others that share the in the pursuit of creating a sustainable, holistic way of life.


Cain Collection Chair

A need for simple, affordable Chair was the ultimate goal for this Collection, while at the same time have some nice extra features like being stackable and the ability to be upholstered. The Cain Collection line is the first production piece to truly encompass sustainability in manufacturing and design from Staach. It sources sustainably forested wood from New York and Pennsylvania which is fabricated and finished in our workshop, here in Rochester, NY.