Sean Petterson

Class of 2013

CEO, StrongArm Technologies, Inc



Sean is committed to unlocking human potential through innovative design. His design ethos is that the role of the product designer should be to guide a problem along a pathway to a solution. Through a close working relationship with the problem, the solution will present itself. In order to do so you must provide a multitude of solutions and scenarios to the end user for them to interact with. By empowering the end user, the problem will reach its solution naturally. A designer should be able to listen compassionately and filter through the noise just as well as he or she can draw or build. The result is a product born into the environment not a product adopted into it.  Sean is an inventor and gear head from NY, NY and a serial entrepreneur in Real Estate, Power sports and Product development. He is the son of Ann, a retired special agent, and Glen Petterson, a Contractor. He is an extreme and endurance sportsman and musician.


StrongArm Technologies

StrongArm Technologies, is a brand for industrial workers, or better, industrial athletes. They build technologies in human performance equipment for the under-served and over-worked to simultaneously boost productivity and safety. Their first product, the self-powered V22 passive Ergoskeleton, is designed to make manual lifting more productive and safe.  
It is shown to shift up to 75% of the harmful
load forces off the weak lower back, arms, neck,

and hands to the more resilient legs and core. It automatically enforces adherence to key OSHA lifting guidelines and ensures operators lift with their legs. It is the only product on the market that changes the dynamics of a lift to dramatically increase endurance, help eliminate lower back injuries, and augment worker productivity.


Honors & Awards

NYC Design Awards
NCIIA E-team