Rob Fish

Class of 2013

Industrial Design Contractor, Staples

Rob Head Shot.jpg


Rob Fish was born in Bracciano, Italy, unfortunately not in Milan. After graduating from RIT, he worked at Josh Owen LLC, which led to his design position at Fred and Friends. There he designed clever and whimsical housewares for the gift industry, including "The Grate Taco," a taco shaped cheese grater, one of the cheesiest products to hit the market. 

During his time at Fred, Rob worked as a contractor for the startup company Vaprcase. Vaprcase provides accessories for the vaporizing business like protective silicone cases. Rob was involved with designing protective cases for varying vapes, packaging, branding, promotional material, and establishing a web presence.


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The Grate Taco shreds your cheese and keeps it neatly contained until you're ready to aim it at your enchilada or cheesify your quesadilla. Molded in high-tech, food-safe plastic that's dishwasher-safe and keeps its edge.

FRED focuses on products that are well-designed, put a smile on your face, and don't cost a fortune. Products that are easy to buy, fun to own, and say "my home is my castle - I will not fill it with junk."




In 2016, Rob moved on to contract at Staples headquarters. Working with a team of other Industrial designers, Staples is revamping their visual brand to be more synonomous with office supplies. A few projects include graphic work on yearly planners, product design for storage and organizatinal bins, systematizing archival corrugate boxes, and branding tech accessories.

All Staples IP is reserved until they are released to market.