Peter Kotsonis

Class of 2000

Founder & Principal, STORYLINE



As founder and principal at STORYLINE, Peter is
a thought leader and passionate advocate for design thinking and the customer story. He has a proven ability to bridge research and design in order to achieve business objectives. Bringing a rare
balance of social understanding and a design mindset to programs of various scales, Pete is able to bring clarity to ambiguity and provide the direction and inspiration teams require to take action.
At STORYLINE, he serves well known innovators such as 3M, BOSE and Philips as well as companies from a variety of industry verticals. Pete brings valuable perspectives to people research, gained from leveraging not only a background in product design with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology (BFA), but also training in observation, social action, and interpretation from studying Drama at Roger Williams University prior to entering the field of experience design.



Karv Meals

“Design thinking” is a term that is often defined from a bird’s eye view. It’s been called a “framework for innovation”, and a “human-centered” approach to solving problems. But at street level, design thinking is simply about understanding the people at the heart of the matter and creative problem solving.

This was true for Karv Meals, who approached STORYLINE with a compelling opportunity in the exploding market of meal kit subscriptions. Leadership at Karv sought to better understand the opportunity they were facing through a design thinking lens; hoping to gain competitive advantage by listening to customers. STORYLINE recommended a process of ethnography where customers could be engaged in the context of their living environments as part of a discovery effort. Doing so would enable stakeholders at Karv to validate their unique value proposition, inform service design and business strategies, as well as inspire and fuel the development of creative branding, packaging design, advertising, social media and public relations strategies.


The new home premium meats-only subscription was launched in early 2018, and Karv now fulfills orders nationwide, delivering the finest quality, responsibly sourced meats from U.S. farms to consumer doors. 
They put lean 100% Grass Fed and Finished Beef, Organic Chicken, Pork, Oven-ready Entrees and 30 minute recipes at their fingertips! Everything is trimmed and portioned perfectly to make building healthy meals fast and easy. With Karv, it’s now easy to break out of the tedious meal kit box and build a better meal.