Nicole Nadeau

Co-Founder KNS Collective

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Nicole Nadeau is an artist & maker living and working in NYC. Explorer and infinitely curious, Nicole infuses lyricism in objects, implementing materials that can be overlooked or taken for granted.  Nicole believes that sometimes the best beauty & stories can be imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. Nicole finds poetics in simple geometry & uses form to investigate science, nature, and the body. The thread that unifies all of her ‘art objects’ is Storytelling; with a sense of humor, poetics, & sincerity. Nicole investigates the rituals we make for ourselves everyday, and reinterprets or re-appropriates them.  For Nicole making art is like being a modern day alchemist - having the power or process of transforming something common into a something special.  Things that most people overlook and giving them value.

Nicole spent four years at Rochester Institute of Technology, and two years at Parsons School of Design where she obtained a BFA in Industrial Design. With a background focused on the meaning of form, Nicole weaves between art and design fluidly, allowing the two researches to influence each other. Nicole co-founded experimental collective, KNS collective dedicated to making art objects. Nicole’s work has been exhibited at the Felissimo Gallery, Y Gallery, Art Basel Miami, Heller Gallery, Elemental Gallery, Design Miami, X-Initiative, Monkeytown, International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), Present Company, HomeMade-NYC, Coach Makers Gallery, FAB showroom, Murphy & Dine Gallery, Chez Andre Standard Hotel among others. Nicole is also known for her appearance on the Bravo Network show Work of Art: The Next Great Artist.

Nicole has been working as a designer consulting in NYC since 2007 working with McKay Architects/Design, Ralph Lauren Home, Parsons School of Design, Elemental gallery, Rollingstone Magazine, artist Olaf Breuning, Limited Brands, as well as private clients. Nicole has collaborated on special projects for the Red Cross, Greenwich Village Society for Historical Preservation, Uniqlo, Thierry Mugler, & Salvatore Ferragamo.  Nicole also leads the arts initiative/art programs & is creative director of a non-profit biodynamic farm in Nicaragua Finca Farms.



The “ALL NIGHT” silver candle holders communicate traces of history while providing the comfort of candle light and the warmth of what makes a home a home. KNS uses these forms as a vessel, preserving its impermanence by translating wax into an unexpected material to hold new candle light.

KNS believes the best object in a space should make the space and the person in it feel comfort and should represent moments of value. These forms mimic passing of time, ritual, & nights well spent in one’s
life; those days turned night when candles burned

all the way down to the wick, the contorted & eroded wax communicating past events of value.  Co-founder Kameron Gad and Nicole met in 2006 and instantly got along and had the same visions.  Kameron has a background in architecture, film, and art. Both of them responded to the way design could be used as a tool and saw a grey area in between art and design that really intrigued them.  They were drawn to the poeticism that could be found in an object and wanted to tell amazing stories so people would be able to discover little secrets when investigating their work.