Gregory Beylerian

Class of 1990

Owner/operator of his own design studio


Gregory Beylerian was born and raised in New York City.
He studied industrial design and photography at R.I.T. and earned a master’s degree in design management from Domus Academy in Milano, Italy. He currently resides in Los Angeles and also maintains an atelier in Paris with his wife, couture designer Judith Bodart Beylerian.

Beylerian’s work is often described as a rich visual language that is inventive and unique. His love of various creative disciplines with emphasis on photography and painting, shape his visual vocabulary. “It is the desire to explore new ways of merging the mediums I love that keeps the inspiration flowing.”

The studio works on a diverse range of projects in various mediums and markets. From gallery exhibitions, private commissions and collaborative projects with companies and organizations, Beylerian encourages Art + Commerce as a vital societal value.

He has received numerous photography awards and certificates of recognition from the City of Los Angeles and has been featured on CNN, L.A. Times, Current TV and numerous fine art journals and other publications.

The above photographs (middle and right) are from a series of photographs Beylerian created that document the Pole Dance Movement. The lighting and style utilized in the creation of these photographs had the feel of the direction that Jockey wanted to go in creatively.