Scott Wilson

Class of 1991

Founder/Principal, MINIMAL

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Scott Wilson is an accomplished designer and former Global Creative Director at Nike. Over his 20 year career he has led design organizations such as IDEO, Thomson Consumer Electronics, Fortune Brandes, and Motorola and created some of the world's most recognized consumer design icons.

Founded in 2007, his vision for MINIMAL has been to create a new hybrid design studio that combines his interests in consulting for design-centric Fortune 500 brands and his intense passion for self-manufacturing and entrepreneurial ventures.


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Wilson's TikTok+LunaTik Multi-Touch Kits for the iPod Nano, have seen unprecedented success and support through online crowd funding platform This studio recently raised nearly $1M in its 30 day pledge period, making it one of the highest funded projects in Kickstarter history and inspiring designers and entrepreneurs all over the world.

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Awards & Anecdotes

Scott Wilson's work has been recognized with over 50 international design awards in the last decade and has been exhibited internationally at venues including the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Triennial, MoMA, MCA and Chicago Art Institute. Wilson has also been pro led in dozens of magazines including ID Magazine's Top 40, Fast Company's Masters of Design, and TIME Magazine's Style+Design 100.

Having our 100 limited-edition Kickstarter “$500 Spread the Love Party Packs” pledge level sell out in 2 days and Apple Co- founder Steve Wozniak buying the 98th one.”

“Running into Apple head designer Jonathan Ive at the Clift Hotel bar in San Francisco and giving him the LunaTik off my friend's wrist.”

“Being on Fox News during the TikTok+LunaTik Kickstarter campaign and getting asked why I didn't run off to Mexico with the money.”