Manasi Manjrekar

Class of 2010

Founder Director of Confluence Elite Designs Pvt. Ltd.

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Manasi Manjrekar is an Indian born Product designer who studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is a designer in her own right, but her designs have a harmonious balance between art furniture and utility furniture – as she likes to term them as “Util-Art” with which she connects, extensively.

Manasi’s design philosophy is centered on the Shaker principle. Her goal is developing concept products and to make available modern, country non-specific products for the global Indian. In her own words, “Conceptual sketching, model making, woodworking, ceramics and mixed-media rendering is the art of stimulating the mind to generate good and sustainable designs.” – “Mock it up before you fork it up!”

Manasi serves as a Country Alumni Ambassador for the Indian Chapter of RIT’s Alumni Association. As the Ambassador she will be responsible in promoting the University and is closely working with USIEF as a panelist to assist students as they depart for their American education.

Manasi has recently been felicitated as the youngest top 50 iGen Architects and Designers of India, by
ITP Publishing. She also works as an installation artist; one of her works, Dincharya’s Mareez, has a socio-political subject and has been shown widely in the media. She has also been a guest lecturer on design.

Manasi is a travel enthusiast who gets inspired and involved in culture, heritage, history, language and the food of every place she visits. Her hobbies include painting (oil and glass) and extreme sports

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Confluence Elite Designs

Located in Santa Cruz (E), Mumbai, this urban space is Product Designer Manasi Manjrekar’s first showroom. The store opened on May 9th, 2012 along with Manasi’s Summer Collection 2012 that was unveiled by Fine Artist Brinda Chudasama Miller.

Here you will find a collection of quality designer furniture and coordinated accessories from around the world. This store revolves around the neology UTILART, a balance between utility and art.

The 2,500 sq. ft. concept store, lavish in its presentation is a new shopping experience for the designer in everyone. From vintage to design furniture and accessories, you can peacefully sip your lemon-tea, while browsing through the display; Confluence Elite – The Concept Store covers all the aesthetic grounds.


Confluence Elite Designs

Confluence Elite – The Concept Store’s vision is thriving to be distinct in offering design and aesthetics to suit one’s lifestyle and cater to the global citizen with a residence in India. We ensure you a personal victory with a sense of ‘It is made just for me’. Not only is technology integrated into the framework of the designs, but we also help you put together your furniture like building blocks to create your own concept that is uniquely yours. The choice is large, to choose from the range of products like furniture, art, pieces of sculpture, pottery, home décor, spa, dining, barware, and other wide range of design elements.

This kind of retail venture is a part of many metropolitan cities’ around the world. Though this concept is not new to the retail industry, India has experienced very less taste of this flavor. At Confluence Elite – The Concept Store it is our leitmotiv to educate all, of the benefits of this genre.