Lorianne Resch

Class of 2006

Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Industrial Design, RIT



Lori began teaching in RIT’s Industrial Design Department as a graduate student in 2004, and has enjoyed teaching students off and on ever since. The bulk of her personal and professional work outside the realm of teaching involves concept generation, illustration, and prototyping. A few of her past experiences include creating curriculum for and helping to set up a prototyping lab at Discovery World in Milwaukee, WI, working as a graphic artist and exhibit designer for College Kids clothing company, and toy design concept work for Playskool through KiwiSeed Design.
When not working with students here at RIT, Lori loves creating products with children and families in mind. She has been making plush toys, small household items, children’s costumes, greeting cards, simple games, and illustrated stories for friends and family for several years, and plans to launch her own company under the name whaleworks.
Lori holds a BFA in Industrial Design from the University of Notre Dame, and defended her Master’s thesis at RIT in 2006. She grew up in the Rochester area, and though she’s lived in a handful of other cities, Lori, her husband, and their young children are happy to call Rochester home.

stirringsstack2 copy.jpg

Stirrings Interactive Tableware

Acting not only as functional tableware, but also as a building-block style storytelling medium, Stirrings dishes are meant to bring young and old alike to the table. While rooted in the tradition of the ‘family meal,’ the dishes challenge what it means to set the table and offer an opportunity for playful, face-to-face dialog between users.
One of the biggest challenges in creating this set of dishes was coming up with an inexpensive way to rotationally mold the cups. Lori spent countless hours rolling a hamster ball roto-mold around the studio in order to create the hollow plastic castings. When she finally finds the time to revisit these dishes, she is looking forward to being able to make much quicker form refinements now that 3D printing has become much more accessible.

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About the Product


Hand-cast prototypes (Smooth-On Urethane Plastic) 2006

Awards & Recognition:

Shown during London Design Week (2007) as part of DesignBoom’s “handled with care” exhibit

Shortlisted in MACEF/DesignBoom’s “ceramics for breakfast” competition and displayed via poster at MACEF homeshow in Milan (2007).