Liana Beer

Class of 2015

Skip Hop, Hardgoods Product Designer



Liana received an MFA in Industrial Design from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2015. She has since moved to New York City and has been pursuing a career as an Industrial Designer. Liana has exercised her background in design, art, and business through a range of professional settings. She has worked with Core Home, a rapid production home-goods company focused on massmanufacturing. During her time at Core Home she has had product placement in multiple Fortune 100 companies.

Liana has also directed design output for Yank Technologies, a tech startup in Brooklyn where she explored a user centered approach to the product design of a consumer based IOT device. Liana is currently a Product Designer on the hardgoods design team at Skip Hop, a Manhattan-based children’s product company owned by Carter’s. Her role at Skip Hop is to work with a team to analyze, design, engineer, and test infant toys for the trending market.



Core Home Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets

These products were created for Core Home, and specifically designed for mass production. The typical process for a mass manufacturing design firm is creating both 2D and 3D sketches for ideation, immediately moving into CAD, specifying CFM, then sending the files for quoting and DFM. This entire process typically happens within a matter of days, and can find its way to the factory in less than 2 weeks for any given product.


Rapid production requires the ability to move quickly through the traditional flow of the design process. Creating products that are purchased in large quantities highlights the importance of simple designs that are true to function. These sentiments have resonated into Liana’s work at Skip Hop, where there is also a primary focus on empathy for the end user.