Jae HoSeo

Michael Graves Architecture & Design

MFA Class of 2011



Jae has a BFA degree from Hongik University in Korea with a concentration in both Sculpture and Industrial Design. He came to RIT in 2009 to study Industrial Design for an MFA. During his school year, he worked as a teaching assistant for Metaproject 01-02. During this time he also interned for Josh Owen LLC. Jae also studied Furniture Design at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) where he was awarded the Furniture Design Award for Academic Excellence. He began working for Michael Graves Architecture & Design in 2012 where he continues today.

Cubit Watch-3000 3000 Front-1.JPG

Cubit Watch

The Cubit Watch, Michael Graves’ latest timepiece for Projects has a parallelogram shaped dial. While a picture is worth a thousand words, Cubit is more than the sum of its parts.

CubitWatch-6000 6000-P.jpg

Cubit Watch

Cubit has both a hexagonal glass lens and 3-dimensional hexagonal dial and date feature that is “in time” down to the smallest of detail. The Cube’s color pallet features an indigo blue dial with blue, red & yellow hands. While this is not the same Cubit that Noah used to build his ark, this Cubit Watch takes its cues from the axonometric drawing method employed by architects to portray an object or building. The identifiable Graves color palette assists defining the subtle edges of the cube which is neatly positioned with the watch’s hexagonal bezel.