David S. Kidder

Class of 1994

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bionic

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David S. Kidder is a serial entrepreneur with a wide range of operational, technology, and marketing expertise focused on online product development and Internet advertising and marketing.

David S. Kidder is an entrepreneur with a wide range of web-based application expertise focused on social, mobile, digital advertising. David is the co-founder and CEO of Bionic, an enterprise social innovation platform. Prior to Bionic, David served as the co-founder and CEO of Clickable, an online advertising software as a service (acquired by Syncapse).

Prior to Clickable, Kidder co-founded SmartRay Network, a mobile advertising pioneer (acquired by LifeMinders), and Net-X, a web-authoring platform (acquired by Target Vision).

Kidder is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, and received ID Magazine’s International Design Award and Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2008. David is an active angel investor through his fund, Alt Option Return, is a founding member of the The Acumen Fund One Percent Fund, and serves on the National Board of the Smithsonian. He is the creator and co-author of the two-time New York Times bestselling five book series, The Intellectual Devotional, published by Rodale. His latest book The Startup Playbook, will be released in January 2013, published by Chronicle Books. He lives outside Manhattan with his wife and three sons.


About The Startup Playbook

“What makes a new business succeed beyond all expectations? What critical decisions must you make to dominate your market? How can you lead your company to exceed your financial and industry goals - and fulfill your passion, your promise, and your purpose in the process? The Startup Playbook gives you the game plan.”

ID Magazine’s International Design Award

2008 Ernst and Young, Entrepreneur of the Year Award


Excerpts from Reid Hoffman’s Foreword

The Pioneers

Secrets of the Fastest-Growing Startups
Entrepreneurs are pioneers. In creating new businesses, they venture out across the market-scape to discover and build new products and services. Like pioneers, these journeys are frequently long, lonely, and risky. But, also like pioneers, these journeys are essential for the growth of our society — to build new economies, new ecosystems of work and life.
This book offers lessons in pioneering from key entrepreneurs. Pioneers needed to know locations, weather, supply logistics, travel, and various technologies like maps, navigation, and transport. Entrepreneurs need to understand markets, industry transformations, finance, business operations, and various technologies involved in products, services, and modern business…

…We are all familiar with the heroic stories of entrepreneurs. These stories tell of easy, quick, or inevitable success. In reality, there are almost always massive challenges, delays, setbacks, risks, and uncertainties. Indeed, the entrepreneurs and pioneers have belief that their journeys will be successful; they would never have set out without that belief. But the journey is almost always hard.
This book brings the perspectives of entrepreneurs who have taken those journeys. They share key lessons from their journeys — in the hope that those who then set out on their own new travels will make new mistakes rather than their old ones. They also hope to make the journey somewhat less lonely by sharing their experiences.