Dan Tangari

Class of 2004

Design Manager, Spark Design LLC

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Born in Connecticut, I always had the passion to build, invent and improve.  There was not much in the house that did not get taken apart, much to my parents dismay.  I came to RIT for Industrial Design to continue in the inventing spirit and to make it my lifelong path.  While at RIT I was a project leader on the Formula SAE team, a Supervisor at Campus safety, and received an associates in graphic design.  After graduating I moved back to Connecticut and began freelancing at various design firms in the New England area.  I was offered a job Spark Design LLC in Meriden CT and have advanced from junior designer through to my current position of Design Manager.  In my professional career I’ve been fortunate to be on a design team developing a wide range of products that have received: Multiple patents, CEA Best of show, IDEA award, CES Design and engineering Award, Medical Design Excellence Award, Good Design award, Red Dot award, been featured in media such Shark Tank, Martha Stewart, USA today, Popular Science, and many others.  I live with my wife and 2 daughters and enjoy mountain biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities as well as volunteering with Special Olympics.

Breadboard Prototype model.jpg

Crayola Color Cyclone

Crayola wanted to encourage both creativity and outdoor play.  A whole new outdoor toy line was created called “Create Outdoors” that used some of Crayola’s core products, chalk and paint. The Color Cyclone (an evolution of spin-art) was one of the first products developed and helped to establish the design language for the line.  With a degree of guaranteed success the toys can be used by a wide variety of ages, and the larger than life results are never the same twice.  On the Color Cyclone you can use the speed control to vary the pattern, or move it around with the handle to use with stencils, brushes, rollers or found objects such as leaves.

Color Cyclone Auxillary View.jpg

Crayola Color Cyclone

Initial sketches for the line gave way to prototypes that filled the office parking lot with colorful designs (confusing some of the other office tenants). After testing many concepts through different iterations (including an art kite that launched through the ceiling during a meeting) the products were finalized and documented in CAD and final appearance models were made.  The products have been widely acclaimed and successful with the Create Outdoors line continuing to evolve. The toy line was featured in national TV and print ads, as well as featured in Family Circle (Best Summer products), Parents Magazine (Top 10 Toy Favorites), Toy Wishes magazine’s (Hot Dozen list), and many other media articles.