Christian Wicha

Class of 1996

Independent Designer, Adjunct Faculty Corcoran College of Art and Design, Flying Fish Skateboards, Instructor at Techshop DC



An award winning industrial designer, woodworker, photographer and sculptor from the DC area, Cristian Wicha has been designing furniture for production for the past 18 years. Having received a BFA from the Corcoran in 1991, with a focus in sculpture and furniture design, he went on to earn an MFA in Industrial Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology.  Cristian began teaching at the Corcoran School of Art in 2001 under the wing of his professor and mentor Rick Wall. From 1996 to 2009, Mr. Wicha was an in house designer for BDI, a Chantilly, VA based contemporary furniture company, producing a multitude of designs, some of which, are still in production. Currently an independent designer,  Cristian continues to license designs and produce commissioned pieces.  Most recently he is branching into restaurant design for a DC based national sushi chain, as well as develop a high end skate board brand, Flying Fish Skateboards.


Flying Fish Skateboards

The process began after a conversation with a fellow industrial designer that operates an online outlet for longboards.  Wicha produced a production sample
in the Spring of 2010 and presented it to him.  He
was interested in the project and Wicha began to develop production process and invest in materials.  Initial production followed in the Fall of 2010 through Fall of 2013, where he left the original reseller and retooled and spooled up for a new production and resale efforts through his own website and higher end retailers. In order to achieve a high quality board, Wicha went through a number of iterations to test his product. All veneers are cut with a router and templates, and all shapes and profiles are also done using production jigs and a router. The boards are hand sanded, printed with a silkscreen process and each one is signed and numbered.  He is currently at #190 in his production.


Flying Fish Skateboards

“Flying Fish Skateboards was developed as an experiment to create a high quality, handmade, soulful expression in skating, combining my passions of design, woodworking, and skateboarding.”