Charles Cerankosky

Class of 2003

Designer/Owner of Good Luck & Cure



Charles is a hard-working person of much skill and ambition. Winner of the IDSA Merit Award, Charles graduated with highest honors from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2003. Charles has several years of professional graphic and industrial design experience. Charles' skills are excellent, punctuated by a strong leadership ability from five years in managing a large cafe operation.

GL Dining pendants.jpg


Cerankosky is the designer and owner of Good Luck and Cure, two of Rochester's most popular restaurants. 

GL menu.jpg


"I think of restaurant design and ownership almost as live, perpetual industrial design performance art. A system has to be crafted for every facet of both the customers' and employees' experience - from the water temperature of the hot water in the ladies room, to the chart instructing the managers as to which lights are to be dimmed in what ways during the course of the evening - design is everywhere in my restaurants. The typefaces of the menus look like the cocktails taste. The lighting designs glow the way the blanquette de veau smells..."