Brett Teper

Class of 1994

Partner at Modko



Brett earned his BFA in Industrial Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1994. He began his career at the beginning of the "dot-com" era where he took a detour from I.D. to pursue a wide range of parallel experiences including interface, print, and web design. In 2003, Brett co-founded Fulton Street Design, an award winning graphic design studio that collaborated with brands such as HP, Morgan Stanley, Gillette, Walmart and HBO. Fulton Street Design received recognition from the AIGA, How Magazine, Fast Company, and more.

One of Brett's more memorable experiences was with Colin Cowie Lifestyles on a project for Walmart. He and his team were engaged to develop a brand identity and packaging system. Impressed with their work, Fulton Street Design's role was expanded to designing and curating a line of 100+ products in a multitude of categories, from tableware to linens, to lighting. Brett spent part of this time in Asia meeting with and selecting product manufacturers and overseeing the packaging production. The line was successfully launched in stores for the 2006 holiday season.



This project was Brett's re-introduction to the world of product design, which was the perfect segue into his current venture, Modko, a modern consumer product company based in Brooklyn, NY.

Modko's first product, the Modkat Litter Box, was unique due to its top-entry format and modern styling. At its introduction in the 2009 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) it was presented the Editor's Choice Award for Best Accessory and in 2010 it received the coveted Red Dot Design Award. Since, Modko has introduced Flip, their full height and seamless take on the front-entry litter box. And, in 2013, Modko announced their first dog product - Shake, a sleek, easy to clean, portable dog potty. Modko is dedicated to conceiving a collection of products that both compliment and expand their offerings.



Modkat is a top-entry cat litter box that keeps litter in its place. Modkat's modern design complements any room, while the enclosed base and "rooftop access" allow your cat the privacy needed to do his or her business. Every detail of this patented design has been thoughtfully considered. The locking likd acts as a walk-off mat keeping litter off your floors while preventing small dogs from enjoying the "treats" inside. An ergonomic scoop with incorporated brush stows neatly on the side and the reusable litter liner is friendly to your wallet and the environment.

2009 Editor's Choice Award for Best Accessory at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF)

2010 Red Dot Design Award