Andy Clark

Class of 2011

Co-Founder/ Designer, Bruer LLC

Andy Clark.jpg


The summer after graduation from RIT in 2011, Andy moved across the country to Santa Cruz California to work at Sproutwerx, an incubator with a community of engineers and designers who bring ideas to reality. There he worked on numerous design projects for multiple start-ups ranging from RC gliders to high efficiency electric motors. Sproutwerx offered the chance to learn about a variety of different topics both from the projects that were in process and from the people working on them. After being introduced to the world of specialty coffee, Andy started exploring the effects of different brewing methods as a side project. When stumbling upon the slow drip cold brewing it was obvious there was a hole in the market for a consumer friendly way to do this method.

Andy started development of a home slow drip cold brewer with the help of Gabe Herz, another Sproutwerx Engineer. They launched their design which they called Cold Bruer on Kickstarter the crowd funding platform, to gage interest in the product.  The project raised over 600% of its funding goal, and with that, Andy and Gabe formed Bruer LLC to continue development of Cold Bruer and other coffee related housewares products. Andy is currently working on growing Bruer as a company, and designing future housewares products.


Cold Bruer

“Cold Bruer is a simple and transparent way to make slow drip cold brew coffee. Based on Japanese slow drip towers, Cold Bruer focuses on bringing this method to the home consumer in a simple and user friendly way.”

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Cold Bruer